Fabbri Group

Voyager is a sensational and innovative attraction. It is a mix of rides as Evolution and Boomerang. The plate is very similar to the Boomerang with 24 seats facing inside the vehicle. All seats are equipped with a double locking device. The powerful transmission moves up the vehicle with different swings up to the top. When vehicle turns down passengers feel a very nice gravity sensation.

We sold many units of Jupiter in central and South America, thanks to its good passenger’s capacity, those granting good economical returns.

Footprint 14.60 x 11.70 x 16.00 (h) m
Height (dynamic) 17.00 m
Number of seats 24
Number of gondolas 1
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 600 pph
Speed 12 RPM
Acceleration max 4 G
Ride cycle duration 90 sec.
Version Park Model

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