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Turbo 360 (8)
Turbo 360 (8)

The Turbo 360° Ride is a brand new restyled ride of Fabbri Group. The ride is based on a most sold ride of the past. We have updated this ride now complying with the latest standard for safety and quality.

The ride is attractive for the complete family with a minimum height for passengers of 130-140 cms.

Turbo 360° comes with a latest new LED light technology packages and nice decorations but most of all we made a new and innovative vehicle structure in way to enable the 16 passengers to have all a beautiful view while rotating. Seats are made in way that they are never at the same level in way to enable view s for all passengers and not only the first ones in a row.

Footprint 8.60 x 6.60 m
Height (static) 14.90 m
Height (dynamic) 19.80 m
Number of seats 16
Number of gondolas 2
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 400 pph
Speed 55 Km/h max
Acceleration max 2.6 G
Ride cycle duration 180 sec.
Version Park Model

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