Telecombat is the first ride manufactured by Fabbri in 1950.

The game is a real “air battle” where 32 passengers are involved in a sort of competition in shooting down their rivals, and at the end only one vehicle remains up as the winner.

The current version is equipped with the most updated components, but it still keeps the spirit of the first idea of a real Telecombat.  The result is a fantastic Interactive Ride where passengers can:

  • Control the lifting of the arm onto which the plane is attached (by passengers)
  • Control the vehicle rotation, around its vertical axle (by passengers)
  • Shoot another vehicle which automatically stands-by for few seconds (option)

At the end there is a real Final Battle where only one Vehicle/Passenger wins the Game.

Diameter (working) 13.82 m
Height (dynamic) 6.60 m
Number of seats 24/28/32
Number of arms 12/14/16
Theoretical hourly capacity 576/588/672 pph
Minimum passenger height 110 cms
Speed 5-7 RPM clockwise/counterclockwise
Ride cycle duration 90 sec. + 60 sec. exit/entry
Version Park model

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