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Super Orbiter (3)
Super Orbiter (3)

Super Orbiter is a sensational thrill ride form Fabbri Group.

The ride consists in a ride center making rotations onto which a rotating big satellite is fixed on top of the center. This satellite has 6 arms and at the end of each arm a small satellite with 3 cars are fixed. In total we have 18 cars each have 2 seats. Each car seat has an individual over the shoulder bar in order to give maximum safety to the passengers.

A typical ride cycle start at the down level rotating the main satellite after which an arm hydraulically lifts up the ride and brings the cars at height. The small satellites also start rotations. After a while the complete small satellites are lifted up turning the cars almost completely upside down (120°) . At this point the main satellite rotates keeping at height the various cars. The ride cycle lowers then again all the cars and the inclined main arm lowers also ending up in a rotating at the lower level of the satellites.

The contemporary rotation of central structure, satellites and cars turning upside down, and the main arm elevation give the passenger an exciting experience generating G- Forces.

Dimension (static) 16.30 x 15.80 m
Height (dynamic) 9.00 m
Number of seats 24/36
Number of gondolas 12/18
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 480/720 pph
Speed 10 RPM centre – 16 RPM car satellites
Elevation 120° of the cars upside down
Ride cycle duration 90 sec
Version Park Model

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