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Scary drop 40 2
Scary drop 40 2

Free Fall Tower is the only attraction that generates real Fall in zero gravity in absolutely safe conditions, thanks to permanent magnetic brakes technology. For this reason it is still a very popular and successful ride. We delivered more than 30 units in 16 different countries in the last years.

Scary Drop 40/12 stands 40 m (30 m stroke approx) and can accommodate up to 12 riders per cycle, secured by means of an over shoulder restrain to maximize both comfort and security.
Intrepid riders of all ages (minimum height requirement 130 cms) are lifted to the tower’s apex, before experiencing an unforgettable free fall…. a wonderful aerial trip.

Footprint (with safety envelope) 8.00 x 15.00 m
Height (structure) 37.00 m (without decoration)                         40.00 m (with decoration)
Height (effective stroke) 29.40 m
Number of seats 12
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 600 pph
Ride cycle duration 65 sec. approx.
Speed 19 m/s or 75 Km/h (47 mph)
Acceleration max 4 G max.
Deceleration -0.5 G negative
Version Park Model

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