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Saturno (3)
Saturno (3)

Saturno gives strong emotions. The good capacity explains the great success that it gained up to now all over the world: more than 150 units have been manufactured and sold everywhere.

The ride is made up of a central column supporting two swinging arms. On each side of the arms a vehicle is fixed, while at the other side a counterweight is connected. Its movement is basically very simple, its arms swing up progressively to the top and at the end it makes a complete rotation.

Passengers are seated inside the vehicle, whose safety is guaranteed by overhead shoulder bar and a double locking system.

Ride dimension 12.00 x 7.20 m
Safety envelope 19.60 x 8.20 m
Height (static) dimension 15.50 m
Height (dynamic) dimension 17.60 m
Number of seats 32
Theoretical hourly capacity 640 pph
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Speed 14 RPM swinging arm
Ride cycle duration 90 sec.
Version Park model

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