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Niagara (4)
Niagara (4)

The Niagara is a completely new concept for a Pendulum Ride changing the basic structure using only one main column and placing the passengers one next to the other in a row of six (2 rows, 12 passengers in total). The Vehicle is fix thus moving passengers one swing facing down followed by  the next swing facing up.

The Niagara offers a fantastic flight emotion with strong accelerations up to 3,6 G reaching its top height in just a few swings. The ride features a top height of almost 30 meters leaving far behind all other standard Pendulum  rides. Niagara offers a new sensation to your park if you look for a New different Fresh design for a classical but surprising Pendulum movement.

Dimension (static) 14.00 x 8.00 m
Height (static) 24.50 m
Height (dynamic) 29.00 m
Number of seats 12
Number of gondolas 1
Minimum passenger height 120 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 240 pph
Speed Up to 85 Km/h – 52 mph
Acceleration max 3.6 G max.
Ride cycle duration 180 sec.
Version Park Model

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