Inversion (1)
Inversion (1)

Inversion belongs to the category of the Extreme and Spectacular rides. Many units have been already sold in different European countries.

Inversion is characterized by a central column and an arm attached to the top of the column itself, slightly inclined. Its prerogative is a swinging movement up to the Top with 4g acceleration to the bottom. It can reach the top in a short time thanks to the powerful motor installed. The most sensational moment is when the arm comes down from a 100% vertical position.

Passengers are seated in four different vehicles released to free spinning rotation and loop. Overhead shoulder bars and double locking rack mechanism guarantees their safety.

Dimension (static) 10.00 x 12.00 m
Height (static) 40.00 m
Number of seats 16
Number of gondolas 4
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 350 pph
Speed 9 RPM
Acceleration max 3.5 G max.
Ride cycle duration 180 secs.
Version Park Model

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