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Giant Wheel 100
Giant Wheel 100

The Giant Wheel is a new way to see the city. It is no longer a simple amusement park attraction: the Giant Ferris Wheel has now been reconceived and valued in all its tourist educational-commercial potentialities. The modern conceived Ferris Wheel offers in fact a variety of opportunities to be discovered and exploited.

The Giant Wheel could be equipped with 52 closed cabins or Swiss Closed Cabins hosting 8 passengers each.

The Giant Wheels division proposes a new XL Swiss Closed Cabin designed to reach new comfortable standards thanks to an extra high capacity of 24 passengers maximum. Added to the basic XL cabin various options can be added in order to increase the guest’s comfort XL Swiss Cabin combine space and design for a new Wheel era.

Base dimension 45.00 x 30.00 m
Total height 100.00 m
Wheel diameter 92.00 m
Cabin installed 52
Seats 8
Total Wheel capacity 416 passengers
Revolution ~ 3 rpm/h
Loading Continuos Loading System
Version Park Model

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