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Flume Ride is an attractive and modern solution for parks which want to distinguish from the traditional ones. It has a dimension of 48×19 m and 187 meters track development.

Passengers will experience a unique sensation, descending from hills and splashing in the pool.

After having left the station the trunk will make an ascend followed by a panoramic curve and exciting drop at 1,2m/s to obtain a water splash. Vehicles are built to allow up to 4 passengers all seated in a row, the whole ride is controlled by PLC system.

According to customer’s need it will be possible to design a special lay-out providing a different hourly capacity with special effects as geysers or water falls, height and number of descent on request.  Additional elements such as wood and stones could enrich the Flume Ride theme but will be made by the park itself.

Footprint 47.50 x 18.60 m
Total track lenght 187.00 m
Height dimension 10.00 m
Number of logs 8 boats
Number of seats per log 4 passengers
Theoretical hourly capacity 480 pph with dispatch time of 30 sec.
Minimum passenger height 100 cms accompanied by an adult
Version Park model

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