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Ferris Wheel 40 (1)
Ferris Wheel 40 (6)

The Ferris Wheel 40 m is the borderline between the Ferris and the Giant Wheels. Aesthetically overshadowing though with a metal structure light and slim, the Ferris Wheel is a new way to see the city. The modern conceived Ferris Wheel offers in fact a variety of opportunities to be discovered and exploited.

The Ferris Wheel 40 m has 27 open cabins, hosting 6 passengers each, completely designed and built in Italy, all manufactured with steel structures and completed with fiberglass. The design provides a perfect passenger’s experience due to its comfort offering high visibility to its passengers.

It could be equipped with different Cabins or Vehicles at customer’s request and could be completed with a steel base to simplify the installation avoiding any concrete foundations. We stand for a quality Wheel which is most of all safe and gives emotions to all its passengers and the public. The Design including Gondola types and type of LED illumination together with the position of the Wheel determine the beauty and the success of the Wheel.

Technical Data Specifics
Ferris Wheel dimension 37.90 x 22.70 x 39.50 (h) m
Ferris Wheel dimension (safety envelope) 40.80 x 19.50 x 41.80 (h) m
Number of seats 162
Number of gondolas 27
Passengers requirment children up to 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult
Speed (adjustable) 1-5 RPM
Loading 3 gondolas at time
Version Park model

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