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A mine train roller coaster is a steel roller coaster whose trains often depict a set of mine carts, with the forward-most car or portions of it sometimes resembling a small steam locomotive. Most mine train roller coasters are themed in the style of a mine, a Western scene, or simply a mountain range.

Traditional mine train roller coaster track elements include several banked turns and helices. There are sometimes level straightaway sections, but few large drops. Most include more than one lift hill. Often a mine train roller coaster will make its way through trees, tunnels, rock formations, and over small bodies of water. Some even feature scenes with animatronic figures.

Dimension 77.00 x 58.00 m
Height dimension 21.00 m
Total track lenght 595.00 m
Number of train 1/2
Passengers per train 22/44
Theoretical hourly capacity 500/930 pph
Minimum passenger height
Ride cycle duration 77 sec. approx.
Speed 60 Km/h approx.
Version Park Model

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