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Express Coaster (5)
Express Coaster (2)

Express Coaster is a typical family ride with a train running over a curvy track with a lift, drop and dips at different speeds. The Train has 4 wagons and a locomotive with a total capacity of 18 passengers and the locomotive comes standard with the Rabbit.

The ride has one train and the track length is of 130 meters. We need a ground space of 30 x 14 meters. The station is situated in the curve (See Drawing).The Coaster reaches a height of 6 meters. The max speed reached is of 9,5 meters per second. The train can make 20 cycles in an hour totalling up to 360 passengers per hour which Is a nice capacity. Kids under 8 years are accompanied by an adult. The Express Coaster is a nice family Coaster with smooth running and has a compact  Footprint which makes it possible to put the ride almost in every park.

Dimension 30.00 x 14.00 m
Height dimension 6.00 m
Total track lenght 135.00 m
Number of train 1
Passengers per train 18/20
Theoretical hourly capacity 600 pph
Minimum passenger height
Ride cycle duration
Speed 9.5 m/s
Version Park Model

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