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Enterprise (1)
Enterprise (1)

Enterprise is one of the most traditional rides in the market with an old history. The ride nowadays is updated with latest technology and is in accordance with the EN 13814 standard.

The ride consists in a ride center with an arm which can be elevated and lowered by using a hydraulic cylinder. Attached to the main arm there is a round structure made up of spokes. At the extreme of each pair of spokes a car is suspended into which 2 passengers are seated, one behind the other.

The ride start speeding up the horizontal rotations thus pushing the cars outside due to the centrifugal force. Then all of sudden the main arm starts elevation bringing up all of the cars in an upright vertical position while the Wheel keeps on rotating. At this point the passengers go upside down when making circles in the cars. In the end the main arm lowers again till the cars are horizontally again and the ride speeds down.

Diameter of circle 18.00 m
Height (dynamic) 19.10 m
Width 21.00 m
Depth 22.40 m
Number of seats 40
Theoretical hourly capacity 960 pph
Minimum passenger height 140 cms
Speed 14 RPM
Angle elevation max. 87°
Ride cycle duration 90 sec.
Version Park model

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