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Daytona car
Daytona car

Daytona is a fun interactive race circuit designed to enjoy the whole family but appealing to teenagers too. The ride offers a real driving experience on a race track where the cars are running on an curvy track. The cars are themed similar to race cars of the Fifties. The objective is to follow the track without touching the rail placed in the middle of the track and enjoy a Driving experience  in full safety. The Ride offers  a skill driving experience which offers the possibility also to those that due to a younger age are not allowed to drive in real life. The cars are also allowed to bump into each other due to a sensible system of sensors and shock absorbers on the cars that ensures a very soft impact. The Classic Race Circuit ride system includes a monorail track fixed on a concrete base, with a length in between 100 and 600 meters with themed vehicles. At special request,  it is possible that our cars incline up to 3%. The vehicles are running with a speed of 2 m/s to 3 m/s on the track while  the speed decreases to 0.3 m/s in the station area allowing a smooth unloading/loading procedure. Each vehicle contains two padded comfortable seats with safety belts and a safety pad on the steering wheel.

Track lenght 400 m approx.
Vehicle equipped with rear brakes activated by a pedal and an accelerator pedal, dashboard led warning indicators
steering wheel with limit of turning, safety pad on steering wheel, double safety belt.
Number of vehicles 6
Number of seats 12
Car speed 9 km/h max
Car running speed 2 m/s to 3 m/s
Minimum passenger height 120 cm (48’’) if not accompained
between 120 and 140 cm CAN’T DRIVE, ONLY PASSENGERS
Version Park model

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