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Crazy Pots (6)
Crazy Pots (4)

Crazy Pots is the typical ride which reminds us of the world of fairy tales. The main platform is driven clockwise while 3 embedded plates rotate counter clock-wise. Each small plate bears 3 Pots which can be decorated as to the requirement of the client. Each Pot can keep up to 5 passengers (3 kids and 2 adults) and the Pot can be steered manually for rotation by one of the passengers.

The ride comes without a roof but many parks use a wooden nice roof structure to protect the ride from rain and extreme weather conditions.

The ride is also very suitable for ride theming in all different ways. Crazy Pots requires some ride foundations and comes normally without any type of light.

Technical Data Specifics
Footprint ride  Ø 12.00 m
Safety envelope Ø 14.00 m
Height dimension (up to the floor) 3.00 m
Number of seats 45 (2 adults & 3 children)
Theoretical hourly capacity over 1350 pph
Ride cycle duration 120 sec.
Minimum passengers height 100 cms
Version Park model

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