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Crazy cars structure
Crazy cars structure

Crazy Cars is an interactive kiddie ride and is also a unique ride.

The Crazy Cars Round Ride is an innovative and interactive ride that enables kids with one adult or just  two kids to sit in a Crazy Cars styled car and by steering the Wheel of the car extend or shorten the arm (pneumatically) onto which the car is attached. In this way the cars are not only running round but also can be steered from left to right over the area. The ride is an absolute new idea and admired by kids.. The idea came up by our clients  general request for attractive and innovative new kiddie rides. This model comes with an inclined concrete floor prepared by the Buyer where the cars run up and come down while steering the cars they move from left to right on the floor. Unique Joy brought to our youngest.

Technical Data Specifics
Footprint Ø 11.00 m
Height 4.00 m
Number of seats 16
Number of cars 8
Min passengers height 90 cms
Ride cycle duration 120 sec.
Theoretical hourly capacity 320 pph
Version Park model

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