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Booster Maxxx ,  The New Extreme Experience: Combination of a thrill ride experience with Panoramic View. A Perfect Combination expressing “Speed and High Aaccelerations”.

Giant Booster is one of the most successful Thrill rides available in the market of today.

Today’s possibilities of impressive light packages thanks to the strongly developed LED techniques makes it possible to illuminate the ride in a spectacular way making it a real Eye- Catcher.

The ride does not require a lot of ground space and has a perfect capacity for any type of park. The ride has two loading/unloading positions: this means that one gondola is brought up at the maximum height while the other is unloaded and loaded with passengers. The time necessary to do so offers at the vehicle at height a superb panoramic view being part of the cycle. 16 passengers are seated on two Free Spinning vehicles (8 each) back to back, with dangling legs. Each vehicle is equipped with shoulder bar closed by a double locking device (redundancy).

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