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Air Spider (1)
Air Spider (1)

The spectacular “Air Spider” is the next generation of our “Boomerang”. The new age ride is constructed to add the additional thrill element with absolute safety.

Four inclined pillars support the swinging arm, the spider-like gondola and 24 suspended seats. The pendulum motion sends riders to a 120-degree arc, while the gondola rotates at 13 RPM. The combination provides astonishing ascent speed, and almost 5 G’s of acceleration!

Dimension (static) 17.70 x 12.80 m
Height (static) 13.00 m
Height (dynamic) 21.20 m
Number of seats 24
Minimum passenger height
Theoretical hourly capacity 480 pph
Speed 13 RPM centre – 16 RPM arm
Acceleration max 5 G (vertical)
Ride cycle duration 90 sec. max.
Version Park Model

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