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3D TOWER (1)
3D TOWER (1)

The “3D Tower 10-10” Ride is made up of one vertical steel “Tower”-structure fixed to a steel basement  or concrete foundations. The horizontal vehicle can accommodate 16 passengers on next to the other.

The up and down movement of the vehicle is guaranteed by a hydraulic cylinders by means of steel ropes. The ride moves according to the movie displayed on the screen. The max deceleration up to 2.5 G than it is finally stopped by two shock absorbers.

Dimension (including safety envelope) 7.50 x 8.50 m
Height 20.00 m
Number of seats 16
Minimum passenger height 120
Theoretical hourly capacity 320 pph
Speed 4 m/s
Acceleration max 3 G
Ride cycle duration 180 sec. including exit/entry
Version Park Model

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