Giant Wheels
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Fabbri Group designs and manufactures amusement rides for leisure areas and parks. We also provide customized attractions for Theme Parks with themed concepts.
Full range of spectacular, major, family, children, kiddie and interactive products: water rides, drop towers, dark rides, coasters and giant wheels.

Kung Fu Panda master the new Power Mouse
Gardaland park ,

The brand new KUNG FU PANDA MASTER rollercoaster offer a very exciting “rolling” adventure to the whole family! Its smooth and sinuous track and the freedom to rotate on itself of each fun vehicle ensure the perfect compromise between adrenaline and fun.
Ferris Wheel 25 mts.
Taroko Park - Kaohsiung, taiwan ,

CIRCUIT WHEEL is a Ferris wheel 25 mts. Formula 1 themed.
TURBO 360°
Spectacular ride ,

The Turbo 360° Ride is a brand new restyled ride of Fabbri Group. The ride is attractive for the complete family with a minim height for passengers of 130-140 cms.
Wanda Group - China
Type test ,

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Asian Attractions Expo
Shanghai ,

14th - 16th June, 2016 Visit us Booth 1466 - For any additional information
Euro Attractions Show
Barcelona ,

20th - 22nd September, 2016 - Come and visit us: Booth 1606 - For any additional information
IAAPA Attractions Expo
Orlando ,

15th - 18th November, 2016 - Come and visit us: Booth 4820 For any additional information
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