Fabbri Group

Our Product is 100% Italian

After the static calculation has been made and the ride complies technically with all the characteristics asked by the Purchaser in his particular situation the ride will be manufactured.

This is a difficult process where experience and know how count even more in order to obtain a quality product. The complete process is followed by our team of engineers and only first class suppliers are selected to take part of our production. Most of these selected Suppliers also have a wide experience in the manufacturing of components for the ride Industry. All components are certified.

Our product is 100% Italian where all parts used are only BRAND- A products that can be easily found all around the world.

Once our Main Components are finished we take care of assembling the components together and add our technology to the ride. The ride is painted in desired colors and illumination is added together with required FRP decorations. The ride in the end will be intensively tested before the ride leaves the factory.