Fabbri Group

SPIDER is a new attraction designed for both Amusement Parks and Carnivals.

  • Elevation of Passengers Units on top
  • Rotation of Main Center
  • Free rotation of Passengers Units
  • Sudden drop of Passenger Units from 13 metres
  • Passengers face Outwards with Dangling Legs

This is the perfect attraction for teenagers looking for strong emotions.

Another brand new Ride from Fabbri Group with unique movements!

Diameter 17,2 m
Height dimension 13,1 m
Number of vehicles 4×4= 16 passengers
Passengers per vehicles 4
Theoretical hourly capacity 240 pph
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Ride cycle duration max 240 seconds
Ride weight 35 tons approx
Version Park Model &

Mobile Model

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