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Turbo 360 1
Turbo 360 1

The Turbo 360° Ride is a brand new restyled ride of Fabbri Group. The ride is based on a most sold ride of the past. We have updated this ride now complying with the latest standard for safety and quality.

The ride is attractive for the complete family with a minimum height for passengers of 130-140 cms. Turbo 360° Giant accommodates up to 32 riders seated comfortably having an over the shoulder bar and dangling legs. Once all the shoulder bars are closed well first the main column will elevate around 1.75 meters in order to elevate both vehicles from the ground.  Then the arm starts moving from left to right every time higher till the vehicles reach the top  creating a roll over for  the passengers of 360°.(no car spinning).

The other arm on the opposite side makes the same movements in the opposite direction. Then after a few loopings the ride will slow down again till it comes to a complete standstill.

Footprint 9.00 x 11.23 m
Height 25.00 m
Number of seats 32
Number of gondolas 2
Minimum passenger height 130 cm – not taller than 195 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 640 pph
Speed 15 RPM
Acceleration max 2.6 G
Ride cycle duration 180 sec. (inckuding entry/exit)
Version Park Model

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