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Tea Cups (3)
Tea Cups (3)

Tea Cups 12  is a typical Family Ride and is one of the most traditional rides for Amusements parks.

The ride consists in a ride structure with a plate of a diameter of 12 meters on which 12 Cups are placed.

The plate is rotating with a maximum speed of 9 rpm while the Cups can be rotated by hand by means of a steering Wheel placed in the Cup center. Each Cup can contain 5 passengers (3 kids and 2 adults). In the middle of the ride center a Central Object (Tea Pot) is placed. It is clear that the Tea Cups decoration can personalized.

Ride Diameter Ø 12.00 m
Safety envelope Ø 14.00 m
Height (including safety envelope) 5.20 m
Number of seats 48 (2 adults & 2 children)
Theoretical hourly capacity 1440 pph
Ride cycle duration 120 sec.
Passengers requirement 100 cms and  3 years old                                                                                  children from 3 to 6 yeras old must be accompanied by a responsible adult
Version Park model

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