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Smashing Jump 12 (2)
Smashing Jump 12 (2)

Smashing Jump is an innovative and absolutely unique ride and one of the newest rides manufactured with latest technologies and fully complies with the latest standards. The park model can be made with an easy basement which avoids ride foundations.

The ride has three characteristic movements but the most famous movement is the “Wave” where the arms go up and fall down sequentially simulating a “wave”. Passengers emotions are created by the difference in  accelerations experienced at every bounce above the air cushion of the pneumatic system.

Smashing Jump is a top major and exciting ride where 24 riders have access above 130 cms with at least 8 years.

One of Fabbri Group main objectives is to build always the strongest version in the market of whatever type of ride.

Diameter Ø 17.50 m
Height (central decoration) 3.68 m
Height (dynamic) 7.26 m
Number of seats 24
Number of gondolas 12
Minimum passenger height 130 cms – at least 8 years old
Theoretical hourly capacity 500/600 pph
Speed 10 RPM max.
Ride cycle duration 150 secs. approx.
Version Park Model

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