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Project One Coaster 58x26 (1)
Project One Coaster 58x26 (1)

This fantastic gravity family coaster has beautiful design, built with one train for 24 passengers with two trains for 20 passengers each (according to model requested). Track development is 470 M [1546’] with maximum height of 20 M [65’]. During the run it raises the max speed of 16 m/s (57 Km/h) [36 mph].

Coaster is delivered with a steel base (no concrete foundation is requested). It is equipped with safety magnetic slow down brakes.

Dimension 58.00 x 26.00 m
Height dimension 20.90 m
Total track lenght 470.00 m
Number of train 1
Passengers per train 24
Theoretical hourly capacity 800 pph
Minimum passenger height
Ride cycle duration
Speed 18 m/s
Version Park Model

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