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Power Mouse 40 (2)
Power Mouse 40 (2)

Power Mouse is the successful gravity coaster of the moment since it combines the classic sensation of a coaster attraction with the new free spinning rotation of vehicles.

Up to now more than 15 units have been sold in more than 10 countries world-wide. The ride consists in a zig zag track with a length of 345 m on which six vehicles move, supported by columns fixed to the base. A new design has been developed by introducing round columns.

Vehicles are controlled by a PLC that monitors their position on the track section; each vehicle is also equipped with safety bars kept closed by a locking mechanism.

Lenght dimension 12.5 m
Width dimension 28.0 m
Height dimension 3.7 m
Total track lenght 120 m
Number of trains 1
Number of vehicles per train 6
Passengers per vehicles 4
Theoretical hourly capacity 480 pph
Minimum passenger height 100 cms
Max speed 6 m/sec

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