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Octopus is a typical traditional family ride, very popular amongst the parks worldwide. The ride contains four unique movements: Rotation of the satellite – Free rotating movements of each car – Up and down movement of the arms (while rotating) – Rotation of the ride center. The combination of these movements together with the attractive theming makes this ride Successful. The speed of the ride is adjustable and so are the different cycle times. The ride responds to latest standard EN 13814 (other standards at request).  The ride consists in a ride center with an Octopus decoration on top of the ride.  5 arms are hinged and braced to the ride center . At the end of each arm a satellite is assembled carrying each 4 cars. Each car has a capacity of 2 passengers, total 40 passengers. The satellites rotate while each car freely rotates. The combination of all of these movements has made this ride so popular amongst the riders. The arm movement is hydraulic (pumps and motors)

Footprint 17.00 x 18.50 m
Height dimension 6.00 m
Number of seats 40
Number of gondolas 20
Minimum passenger height 105 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 800 pph
Typical ride cycle 180 sec.
Speed 8 RPM rotation
Version Park Model

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