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Le Grande Roue 4
Le Grande Roue 4

The Ferris Wheel 63 m has 44 closed cabins, hosting 8 passengers each, completely designed and built in Italy, all manufactured with steel structures and completed with fiberglass. The design provides a perfect passenger’s experience due to its comfort offering high visibility to its passengers.

We stand for a quality Wheel which is most of all safe and gives emotions to all its passengers and the public.

The Design including Gondola types and type of LED illumination together with the position of the Wheel determine the beauty and the success of the Wheel.

Base dimension 33.00 x 23.00 m
Total height 63.50 m
Wheel diameter 60.00 m
Cabin installed 44
Seats 8
Total Wheel capacity 352 passengers
Revolution ~ 8 min.
Loading Continuous Loading System
Version Park Model

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