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Junior Coaster 36x18 (3)
Junior Coaster 36x18 (3)

This fantastic gravity family coaster has a swift smart design with one single train with 20 passengers. We have developed two theming options: Old Train and Anaconda.

Track development is approx. 288 m [947’] with maximum height of 13 m [42’]. During the run it reaches the max speed of 14 m/s (50 Km/h) [31 mph]. Junior Coaster is delivered with a steel base (no concrete foundation is requested). It is equipped with safety magnetic slow down brakes.

Dimension 36.00 x 18.00 m
Height dimension 13.00 m
Total track lenght 288.00 m
Number of train 1
Passengers per train 18/20
Theoretical hourly capacity 700 pph
Minimum passenger height
Ride cycle duration
Speed 14 m/s approx.
Version Park Model

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