Fabbri Group

ICARUS 40 meters park model for 24 passengers is the newest Tower ride with revolving new Passenger units, a completely new concept.

  • The ride has the following Movements:
  • Elevation of Passengers Units in top
  • Rotation of Passengers Unit
  • Looping ( vertical rotation) of Passengers Units during elevation
  • passengers face outwards
  • Passengers have dangling legs

The “ICARUS” Ride is the new idea for 2022 of Fabbri Group in order to bring 24 passengers up to a height of 40 meters for a nice Panoramic View. During the elevation the Passengers Unit will make a revolving movement combined with horizontal rotations while moving up and down the Tower.

Once in top all passengers enjoy a Panoramic View after which the Passengers Units turn down by doing both horizontal and vertical rotations. All passengers face outwards and the two Passengers Units can move independently one from the other .

Technical Data Specifics
Dimensions 16.50 x 11.70 x 17.00 m (H)
Total capacity 24 Passengers
Number of gondolas 12 – double seats
Estimated theoretical capacity 600 passengers/hours
Speed 12 RPM
Loading Simultaneous
Weight 28 tons
Transport Nr 2 x 40’OT containers
Version Park Version

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