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Giant Wheel 80 (1)
Giant Wheel 80 (1)

This design represents a Special type of Wheel and has undergone various improvements and innovations with respect to the initial design. Main columns are round shaped, the rotating structure contains less spokes (two vehicles each spoke), thus increasing the wind resistance.

Special “high Technology” axles are used and it has an high resistance to Wind Speed and Seismic factors due to a special patented innovation that allows us to spread stress in a proper way amongst the structure.

The Giant Wheel could be equipped with 40 closed cabins or Swiss Closed Cabins. The Giant Wheels division, besides the standard and the open cabins, proposes also a special VIP CABIN, which is completely different for its design, elegance and impressiveness. VIP Cabin has been designed thinking of special guests or institutional representatives.

Base dimension 43.00 x 30.00 m
Total height 80.00 m
Wheel diameter 76.00 m
Cabin installed 40/20
Seats 8
Total Wheel capacity 320/160 passengers
Revolution ~ 4 rpm/h
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Version Park Model

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