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Giant Wheel 120
Giant Wheel 120

The Giant Wheel 120 is impressive size and illumination makes it a magnet for visitors at every amusement park or can create a landmark for a seaside location attracting crowds as a conventional meeting point.

The Giant Wheel 120 m has 52 Special Designed Swiss Closed Cabins, all manufactured with aluminium structures connected with special rivets. The design provides a perfect passenger’s experience due to the use of superior quality materials offering comfort and high visibility (full Glazing) to its guests.

Base dimension 50.00 x 35.00 m
Total height 120.00 m
Wheel diameter 112.00 m
Cabin installed 60
Seats 8
Total Wheel capacity 416 passengers
Revolution ~ 2.5 rpm/h
Loading Continuos Loading System
Version Park Model

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