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Flying Elephants 8
Flying Elephants 8

Flying Elephants is a classic family ride for all Theme Parks. Many units have been sold in different Amusement Parks worldwide, each becoming a reference point for the park and inspiring nostalgia amongst generations of patrons.

This family-funny ride features 8 elephants that can accommodate 2 passengers each. The elephants are completely independent and the riders decide how high or how low they will fly. In the center there is a fiberglass decorated 3D Big Elephant and additional decoration for entrance/exit gate could be provided. This attraction is unique in its style.

Footprint 10.00 x 10.00 m
Height dimension 7.50 m
Number of seats 16
Number of gondolas 8
Minimum passenger height 100 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 240 pph
Typicl ride cycle 4/5 min
Version Park model

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