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The Wheel 27 meters – 12 gondolas is a clever solution for showmen needing a small footprint and a light solution for Wheels with a quicker set-up time. The Wheel does not need any Crane for build-up. The Wheel has one main column instead of 4 and all spokes a remain attached to the main column without ever being dismantled resulting in interesting time savings.

The INVESTMENT, thanks to the use of a clever way of construction is far LOWER than a standard Wheel with a comparable height. All is transported on one main Trailer and a small transport.

VersionTravelling on trailer

VersionsTravelling – on trailer

Technical Data Specifics
Dimensions 16.00 x 10.00 x 27.00 (h) m
Number of gondolas 8
Total capacity 72
Estimated theoretical capacity 720 pph
Speed 2 RPM
Loading 2 gondolas at a time
Transport 1 semitrailer 16 meters + small load for gondolas

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