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Ferris Wheel 10 (2)
Ferris Wheel 10 (2)

Our Ferris Wheel 10 makes the perfect statement as a centerpiece for any kiddie land or any indoor or outdoor family entertainment centre. Each of the eight cars can accommodate four children.

We all know the Ferris Wheel as the main symbol for a Park.

For the kids there is a special mini Wheel available giving them a nice decoration and slow rotations in their own Wheel.

Technical Data Specifics
Ferris Wheel dimension 9.20 x 5.00 x 10.50 (h) m
Ferris Wheel dimension (safety envelope) 11.20 x 5.00 x 11.50 (h) m
Number of seats 32
Number of gondolas 8
Passengers requirment children up to 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult
Speed 4.4 RPM
Loading one gondola at time
Version Park model

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