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Dragon Fly (3)
Dragon Fly (4)

Dragon Fly represents a good alternative to a classical family ride.

Basically this ride has the main movement of the two arms. These rotate continuously in both directions with a strong acceleration, in the meantime the vehicle makes free spin full rotation. The operator can control, indirectly, the spin of the vehicle.

Its unique design is represented by the vehicle, which accommodates 18 passengers and is characterized by the innovative way in which passengers’ legs dangle freely.

Dimension 13.00 x 8.20 m
Height 7.80 m
Number of seats 18
Number of gondolas 1
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 400 pph
Speed 8 RPM arms
Acceleration max 2.2 G max.
Ride cycle duration 90 secs. max.
Version Park Model

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