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Double Deck Carousel (2)
Double Deck Carousel (2)

As an enhancing carousel game ride for all family, the double deck carousel one can carry double riders, which can save more space for your park to install other interesting amusement park rides so as to bring your park more fun and profit. Kids and adults of all ages will love riding on the galloping horses or in one of the ornate gondolas.

As for rotating direction, the upper carousel and lower carousel can be rotated in the same direction as a whole. Or the upper carousel is rotated in clockwise and the second carousel anticlockwise, and vice versa. The carousel rotating direction can be controlled according to individual preference. The two levels of magical, handcrafted carousel will surely draw a large crowd and make the passengers enjoy the most iconic fun fair carousel ride of all.

Technical Data Specifics
Footprint Ø 13.00 m
Max height in operation 10.00 m
Number of seats 60
Number of gondolas 35
Min passengers height
Theoretical hourly capacity 1800 pph

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