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Corsair Giant (4)

Corsair was the first swinging ride sold in the market and so successful in the park history because of the classic themed subject. Dozens of units have been sold worldwide and have achieved a great success.

The ride consists of four pillars converging at the top where two swing arms are connected by means of swinging bearings. To the other extremity of the arm a ship shaped vehicle with 8 rows of seats is fixed. Passengers’ safety is guaranteed by lap bars on each seat.

This attraction has a big capacity of 40 passengers, for the bigger ride size. The thrill sensation is generated with the gravity acceleration. The very simple pendulum effect happens even without counterweight.

Ride Lenght dimension 18.30 m
Safety envelope 24.50 m
Width dimension 8.00 m
Height (static) dimension 13.50 m
Height (dynamic) dimension 15.60 m
Number of seats 40
Theoretical hourly capacity 800 pph
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Speed 50 km/h at the lowest point
Ride cycle duration 90 sec. max
Version Park model

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