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Carousel 12 (1)
Carousel 12 (1)

Carousel is a cherished kiddie ride, typically considered as a main reference point for children in all parks.

Thanks to the movement of horses or other animal shaped vehicles which go up and down, children feel a gentle, cantering on horseback sensation.

Carousel 12 has a capacity of 50 seats, a base diameter of 12.6 meter and a footprint of Ø 15 meter. An advantageous characteristic of this ride is that it can be customized, not only the outside round panels, but also all subjects can be designed according to the different customer’s needs.

Technical Data Specifics
Footprint Ø 15.00 m
Max height in operation 10.00 m
Number of seats 50
Number of gondolas
Min passengers height
Theoretical hourly capacity 1500 pph

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