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Booster 75-24
Booster 75-24

Giant Booster 75-24, The New Extreme Experience , now with an increased capacity. Combination of a thrill ride experience with Panoramic View. A Perfect Combination expressing “Speed and High Accelerations”.

Passengers are seated on Free Spinning vehicles back to back, with dangling legs. Each vehicle is equipped with shoulder bar closed by a double locking device (redundancy). Vehicles can spin freely while the main arm rotates and their variable speed can reach a max force of 4- G and almost 120 km/h [75 mph].

Due to a big demand for these type of Rides several Prospects have asked us to design a Giant Booster for a Park with a higher capacity and extreme Height. Especially for these potential Buyers we have developed the Giant Booster 75-24  being now the Tallest Version Worldwide increasing the riders capacity to 24 passengers per cycle.

Footprint (static) 6.00 x 15.10 m
Height 75.00 m
Number of seats 24
Number of gondolas 2
Minimum passenger height 130 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 360 pph
Speed 10 RPM
Acceleration max 3.6 G max.
Ride cycle duration 240 sec. (including loading/unloading)
Version Park Model

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