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Astral Coaster (3)
Astral Coaster (1)

Astral is an incredible gravity suspended roller coaster which represents a thrill both for bystanders and riders. It is an ultra-smooth ride with great acceleration and speed. This attraction is a marriage of the imagination and the know-how of our R&D team, which always operates to guarantee fun without forgetting safety. This ride has been designed with steel basement in order to avoid concrete foundations.

Dimension 65.00 x 26.00 m
Height dimension 17.00 m
Total track lenght 360.00 m
Number of trains 3
Passengers per train 9
Theoretical hourly capacity 1080 pph
Minimum passenger height
Ride cycle duration 75 secs.
Speed 13 m/s
Acceleration 4.5 G max.
Version Park Model

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