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Aladdin s ride Giant (5)
Aladdin s ride Giant (5)

Aladdin’s Ride consists in four columns fixed onto the concrete floor; in top of each column two pair of rotating arms are connected by means of bearings. The arms are connected to a 40 seats passenger’s unit  ( the so called “Flying Carpet”). Passengers are sitting looking at one lateral side of the ride which makes that once rotating 360° around its vertical axle always maintaining a horizontal position while rotating . They can rotate either forwards or backwards. a nice G-Force making the ride a Thrill ride.

During the fall down phase of each rotation the passengers make a sudden fall simulating almost a short free-fall. Aladdin’s ride is one of the most traditional rides for your park and has a very good riders capacity. Different illumination packages are possible on the ride  from white LEDs to Multi Color LEDs.

Ride Dimension (static) 16.10 x 7.50 m
Ride Dimension (dynamic) 19.00 x 12.00 m
Height (static) 7.50 m
Height (dynamic) 12.00 m
Number of seats 40
Number of gondolas 1
Minimum passenger height 140 cms
Theoretical hourly capacity 800-960 pph
Ride cycle duration 90 sec.
Speed 20 RPM
Acceleration max 2 G
Version Park Model

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