Fabbri Group

We are innovators

Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Fabbri Group’s philosophy together with durability, safety and quality. We try every day to improve every process and to come out with new products, asking ourselves what new things we can do and how we can do existing things differently to satisfy and astound our customers. This ‘pursuit of improvement’ also allows our customers to be innovative thanks to the new rides, the new technical solutions and the better service we offer them. Fabbri Group tries to be an innovator in the market offering creative new ideas and solutions.

Our company is compact

and has only a few layers. This makes us most flexible towards the requirements of clients offering them in a short time a solution adapted to their special requirements. Our highly specialized engineering department is able to offer for all rides unique customized solutions enabling our clients to install our rides in every environment and under all circumstances. Today’s world often calls for special solutions.



Our Art Department work with the customer in order to design useful solutions. We convert the idea into a Ride: Creativity and Experience are main factors.

Moulding is an important part for the development; as for the use of Audio, light and Video effects.


Our team of engineers and technicians work closely together with the world’s famous Approval Institutes respecting the most severest- and latest standards worldwide.

Factory tests are made in order to test the ride on safety, quality and strength.


The fully Italian process of production is followed by our engineers and only first class suppliers are selected. All components are certified.

The ride is finishing with required decorations. The ride will be tested before the ride leaves the factory.


We can design a Master Plan of ideal mix of rides for your park given your budget and available space.

Our wide range of Products makes it possible to choose Fabbri as the sole Supplier for your Park.


We aims at creating a long term relationship with our clients. A Technical Assistance is always given, in order to make the operators more familiar with our rides.

A survey is done on a regular base amongst to improve our rides.

100% made in Italy
Our headquarters are based in Calto, Rovigo, Veneto Region.
Welcome to the Land of rides!

The complete process of a ride construction takes place in our headquarters and is followed by our team of engineers and only first class suppliers are selected to take part of our production. Most of these selected Suppliers also have a wide experience in the manufacturing of components for the ride Industry. All components are certified.
Our product is 100% Italian where all parts used are only BRAND- A products that can be easily found all around the world.