Fabbri Group

Our Main Concern

Fabbri Groups aims at creating a long term relationship with our clients. Many clients of our company are ”Repeat Buyers” always asking us for new products.

Our policy is mainly based on building a personal relation with our customers dedicating one person only to each client for all the information and service starting from the first contact till the after sales.

Technical Assistance is also a main concern and is solved by today’s possibility of using a modem on all of our rides which enables us from the factory to solve a technical issue on the ride in case this would happen.

By means of our After Sales Department we dispose over many Spare Parts and we can do technical Consultancy or even do a yearly technical check on Fabbri Rides in your park.

Once a ride is installed by our company it is our concern to test the ride and give instructions to the operators on how to use the ride, to maintain the ride and how to react in an emergency situation. Separate Ride Instructions can also be given by our Instructors (Engineers) if the client requires this.

We are also available to send over a technician in order to assist with the opening of your park for the initial period in order to make the operators and technicians more familiar with our rides.

A survey is done on a regular base amongst our clients in order to measure the “Client Satisfaction” and to continuously improve our standard of Service towards our clients.

Customer Care