Fabbri Group

An amusement ride is more than just a mechanical device

Our Art Department is involved through the Sales Department with our clients in order to design useful solutions for the Rides to be used in their park , FEC or event.
The challenge of our Art Department is to find the desired compromise between what is artistically desired and technically possible.

Sources of Inspiration can come directly from our clients, from our People travelling around the world and visiting many parks or can come from Designers converting an idea into a Ride or Theming of a ride.
Fantasy, Creativity and Experience in the designing of Rides are main factors here and often also Trends are used to work out new ideas.

Moulding is an important part for the development of a new Gondola or Cabin which enables our Designers to make new  shapes or forms for the FRP parts of the ride.
Also the use of Audio, light and Video effects contribute to transfer the desired emotions to the customers of our clients when doing a cycle on one of our rides.

Art Department