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    GAS (Global Amusement Services) is company, which provides information and spare parts for all Fabbri Group rides and its subsidiaries available on the market and special services.

    Gas is part of Fabbri Group Consortium and it tightened an important trade agreement for the sale of spare parts in the USA with Showmen Supplies, Inc. company:

    • Support and Technical Service;  we provide assistance and scheduled maintenance contracts. We identify and define with the customer the critical items that it is recommended to keep in stock; On an annual basis we plan inspections to check the proper status of the attraction, check all the components and the security functions. We assist the client in the replacement of important pieces that have reached the end of life for normal wear.
    • Adaptation to new regulations. We provide a face service targeted adjustment of the safety functions in accordance with current regulations; Some of the attractions are still valid from a structural point of view, but they need a control system upgrade to bring them to the safety standards required by current regulations. If necessary we also intervene from a structural point of view.
    • Prompt Intervention. We try to keep in stock a diverse set of products that allow us to intervene quickly with on-site service.
    • We provide engineering services, following the project from the beginning; we closely cooperate with the design staff in the realization of the project; We provide advice on design choices in particular relating to safety and the drafting of technical documentation (risk analysis, manuals ..); We are the constructor’s interface to a new customer during the realization of a new park, coordinating the delivery of the necessary documents to the client for civil works, schematics and assembly procedures, start-up assistance, final testing and commissioning; We provide assistance during the approval of new rides with certified entities (TÜV for example). We train the operators and the park maintenance department when new rides are being installed. Following the project from the beginning and knowing the customer right away, during the realization and installation of a new attraction, allows us to immediately provide technical assistance and coordinate the subsequent scheduled maintenance / inspections.