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Kung Fu Panda master the new Power Mouse
Gardaland park ,
Kung Fu Panda master the new Power Mouse
The brand new Kung fu panda master rollercoaster offer a very exciting “rolling” adventure to the whole family! It is a Power Mouse, a type of roller coaster where guests are accommodated on round vehicles capable of hosting up to 4 persons, the colorful vehicles each represent one of the Furious Five – Po, Tigress, Mantis, Viper and Crane – and just like them they are free to rotate and move in every direction, facing 180° turns, descents and ascents like great Kung Fu masters.
These features ensure the perfect compromise between adrenaline and fun.
In other words, absolutely everyone will enjoy climbing aboard Kung Fu Panda Master… starting from 110 cm height!.
The brand new KUNG FU PANDA MASTER rollercoaster offer a very exciting “rolling” adventure to the whole family! Its smooth and sinuous track and the freedom to rotate on itself of each fun vehicle ensure the perfect compromise between adrenaline and fun.
Ferris Wheel 30 mts.
Taroko Park - Kaohsiung, Taiwan ,
Ferris Wheel 30 mts.
Located in Kaohsiung City's downtown area Taroko Park is a 87,120 square meter venue that combines recreation, shopping, restaurants and sports facilities all in one location and it boasts the only authorized Suzuka Circuit Park racetrack outside of Japan at 600 meters in length — one tenth of the size of the original F1 racing track in Japan.
Among the different attractions Fabbri Group, specialist in themed Ferris Wheels, is present with the “Circuit Wheel” a Ferris Wheel 30 mts. height Formula 1 themed complete with 21 open gondolas, which have the shape of tires; 20 vehicles hosting 6 passengers each and 1 gondola is for disabled passengers.
During the night the Ferris Wheel is a color explosion thanks to its LED illumination package.
TURBO 360°
Spectacular ride ,
TURBO 360°
The “TURBO 360°” ride is made up of a central column supporting two swinging arms. On one side of each arm a gondola is attached, while on the other extreme a counterweight is fixed. Each passenger unit can accommodate 8 passengers divided in two rows. Each arm is swinging at different heights ending up in quick complete rotations of the arm creating exciting emotions both for passengers and bystanders. The acceleration of the ride reaches is around 4 G. Where once the passengers were protected in a cage the safety has increased now by redundancy for the shoulder bars . The sensation has also changed for the passenger as nowadays the passenger has DANGLING LEGS where once both feet were placed on the gondola’s floor.
Wanda Group - China
Type test ,
Wanda Group - China
In the last days CSEI technicians carried on Type test on the 3 rides designed to Wanda Group and we are very proud to inform that we passed the tests WITHOUT REMARKS
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